Real Dogs to Crypto.

We help real shelters by creating collectibles NFTs of their dogs. More you collect, more you earn, more we help. Welcome to AWOO.

Donated: 8.245Ξ / 19.400,00$ *
Charity Wallet: Ξ / $
* at the time of transaction


We've built AWOO on innovative tokenomics to help more and protect our community.

1 Billion Supply

We've minted 1 Billion tokens and that's it. We are still true to our “memecoin” origin, but by minting less ridiculous supply. No more tokens will be minted in the future.

90% Community Control

We plan to hold a minimum amount of tokens for giveaways and contests. Everything else will be proportionally and gradually put into liquidity to be held by the community.

1-5% Redistribution

Dynamic from 1 to 5 percent, redistributed immediately to users at transaction time.

1-5% Charity Fee

Dynamic from 1 to 5 percent, funneled into a Charity Wallet that is also dynamic, meaning it can be switched in case a charity organization already has a wallet setup.

1-3% Operational Fee

Dynamic from 1 to 3 percent. The final target is for the community to hold 90%+ of the token, this is to insure a stable cash flow for the project (liquidity buyback, dev salaries, marketing, etc.)

Market Protection

The Charity and Operational Fees will be auto swapped on the fly in ETH at transaction time, to avoid accumulating $AWOO and potentially impact the price heavily when donating.

Read our Whitepaper here.

$AWOO Roadmap

End of Q1 2021 - Done

| Reviving of WOOF!, our "ancestor" coin
| Partnership with Harley's Hounds Animal Rescue
| Donation to Harley's Hounds for $15,000
| Start AWOO's development

Q2 2021 - Done

| Partnership with Al-Rahmeh for Animals
| Donation to Al-Rahmeh for Animals for $3,000
| Finalization of AWOO (ERC-20) specifications
| Fundamental development for AWOO (ERC-20) completed
| AWOO Launched, with new Tokenomics
| Airdrop to WOOF! users, 1 AWOO : 1000 WOOF
| Finalization of "Dog" (ERC-721) and "Treats" (ERC-1155) NFTs specifications
| Development of "Dog" and "Treats" NFTs began

Q3 2021 - Done

| Fundamental development for "Dog" (ERC-721) and "Treats" (ERC-1155) NFTs completed, with upgrades already in the pipeline
| Airdrop "The OG Holders" NFT to Diamond Paws holders
| Partnership with Korean K9 Rescue
| Partnership with Mission Paws'ible
| Donation to Korean K9 Rescue for $1,400
| Minting of our first "Sanctuary Collection" in collaboration with Mission Paws'ible
| Minting of our first "Treats for Good Dogs Collection"
| NFTs sale start

Q4 2021 - In Progress

| Finalization of AWOO Frontend specifications
| Development of Frontend start
| Vetting and partnership finalization with new shelters
| Burn and deflationary methodology revealed
| Liquidity buyback methodology revealed
| Upgrade of Treats NFTs contract to Generative
| AWOO Generative Avatars

Q1 2022

| Governance finalization and development
| Governance methodology revealed
| Bridging finalization and development
| Bridging methodology revealed

Q2 / Q3 2022

| "AWOO App" will bring Dog NFTs, Treats NFTs, Governance and token together in a gamified, charity-driven, Web / Android / iOS app
| AWOO Merchandise and Gadgets for charity


We speak the language of Dogs.

A Sanctuary?

Yes, AWOO Sanctuary is a "marketplace" where In collaboration with our partners, dogs in need will have their own unique NFT. By buying a specific NFT, you will sponsor the Dog and the funds raised will go 100% directly to the partner, in order to provide for the pup specific needs (veterinary fees, surgery, travel, etc.)

NFTs? For Dogs?

Yes, but that's just scratching the surface. For every NFT you have in your wallet, the main contract will check and apply a 0.1% redistribution bonus. Meaning more dogs a holder sponsors, the higher the redistribution will be for that particular wallet.

Harley's Hounds Animal Rescue

We are incredibly grateful to be chosen by their members as their first ever charity to benefit, this is amazing for shelters like us.


Naomi Field-Jones

Harleys Hounds

Al-Rahmeh for Animals

Dogs in the world need more kindness from humans. Thank you AWOO for your kindness and support. We woof you absolutely!


Lubna Yousef

Al-Rahmeh for Animals

Korean K9 Rescue

Thank you so much for thinking of KK9 Rescue with this very generous donation. We can't wait to start working on the NFTs!

Evolving NFTs

More you engage, more you earn.

Every Dog NFT will have a random “evolution value” between 1 and 100 given during the minting process. Once a Dog NFT reaches that value, it will boost the redistribution even more. How? We are glad you asked:

Treats for good Dogs

Treats are a specific type of NFT that can be burned (or “fed” ;-)) towards a Dog NFT. Once the number of Treat NFTs reaches the “evolution value”, the Dog NFT will increase the boost of its redistribution even more, proportional to the amount of Treat NFTs fed.

The “evolved state” it will also unlock an artwork inspired by that Dog. Yes, we also hired artists from all around the world to challenge their creativity and also make your NFTs more fun!

Our Shelter Partners

The Shelters we partnered with are selected with strict criterias and will receive 100% of the funds derived from their NFTs dogs sponsorship. Check them out.

Harleys HoundsAnimal Rescue
$15.000 DONATED
Harleys Hound mission is to rescue abused, unwanted and abandoned animals. We never discriminate on the basis of health, age or breed.
Al-RahmehFor Animals
$3.000 DONATED
Rahmeh Association for Animals in Jordan is seeking to spread the word about the work they do and try to reach out to people both in and outside Jordan to save dogs in need.
Korean K9Rescue
$1.400 DONATED
Korean K9 Rescue is a non-profit, No-Kill 501(c)(3) dog rescue organization based in Queens, New York that is creating a better future for homeless and mistreated dogs in South Korea.